Due to the companies contacts in the industry, C D Designs Ltd have recently been awarded a new pattern imprinted drive thru contract to complete for a Starbucks store in Ipswich.

The project was recently brought forward, therefore the main contractor has requested that C D Designs send a team to site as a matter of urgency, which meant working over the festive period.

Preparation works a commenced on the week commencing 2nd January 2017, and the team finished up on site before the end of the week, this included the sealing process which will protect the surface against the heavy traffic it will be experience when the store opens.

Starbucks drive through stores are something that have been proven to be successful in other countries such as America and Canada, this trend is something that seems to be catching on, as the CEO of Starbucks announced earlier last year that there will be 200 new drive thru stores being introduced into the UK making it a lot easier for people to grab a cup of coffee on their daily commute.

C D Designs have already confirmed their next drive thru installation which will be for a new McDonalds store located in Matlock.

For more information regarding pattern imprinted concrete, call the office today on 01706 827 180.