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Looking for an expert in pattern imprinted concrete near you to install a new driveway or patio? We can help. At Complete Driveway Designs, we work all year round across all of Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Liverpool & Merseyside and West Yorkshire.

Locations we install driveways in Manchester
Locations we install driveways in Lancashire
Locations we work installing Driveways in West Yorkshire

The Areas We Cover for Pattern Imprinted Concrete Installations

From our head office and showroom location in Ramsbottom, Bury, we install driveways and patios all around the North West of England. As the leading supplier of pattern imprinted concrete driveways in the North West, our dedicated installation teams can come to your home – whether it’s in Manchester, Leeds, Warrington, Liverpool, Bolton or Chester – and transform the front or rear of your property.

Our installation teams currently work in the following areas:

  • Liverpool
  • Lancashire
    • Wigan
    • Preston
    • Blackpool
    • Burnley
    • Blackburn
    • Ribble Valley
    • Chorley
  • Warrington
  • West Yorkshire
    • Leeds
    • Bradford
    • Huddersfield
    • Wakefield
    • Halifax


  • Chester
North West Locations for Driveway Installations

We can be installing a driveway in your area very soon!

 If you’re ready to transform your home, we can help you start designing your perfect driveway now. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)

How do you cover patio & driveway installations in locations across Manchester & the North West?

Our central location just North of Bury provides the perfect base for us to operate around Manchester, into West Yorkshire, to Lancashire, and across to Cheshire and Liverpool.

We have easy access to the motorway network and dedicated partnerships with concrete suppliers in various locations around the North West.

We’re not a one-man band. We operate with several different installation teams at all times – 12 months a year – so that we can install driveways in Manchester and patios in Bradford at the same time.

That way, we can deliver high quality, expert-led installations in different locations all around Greater Manchester and the surrounding counties.

And it means we can always help homeowners like you, wherever you might live.

Are there any locations where you don’t work?

Although we do provide driveway installation and dedicated pattern imprinted concrete contractors for homes across the North West, there are some areas where we might not be able to work.

In locations that are more than 40 miles from our main base in Ramsbottom, Bury, we have to weigh up the logistics of getting to your home with our professional installers and all our specialist equipment.

We also have to make sure we have a supply of the best concrete on hand for your new driveway or patio. Concrete suppliers don’t cover as wide a region as we do, so we need to be certain there is a supplier we can trust near to you.

We don’t want to let you down on either cost or the finished installation, which is why we primarily only cover areas within Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Liverpool.

But if you have a project where you need some of the very best pattern imprinted concrete experts, then we would love to hear from you. We are always happy to put the extra time and distance into a project if we know it will be worthwhile for you.


I’m ready to book a free design visit, plan my own driveway and transform my home! (Or if youd just like to find out a bit more information, download our brochure)

We’ve transformed driveways and patios in Liverpool, Leeds and everywhere in between.

And we’ve helped make many homeowners happy and proud of their new driveways and patios. There isn’t a town in Manchester or village in Lancashire where we haven’t transformed a home.



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