If your shopping about looking for an appropriate contractor to install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio, you may have heard the term “colour surface hardener” a couple of times amongst a number of different contractors. Everyone claims that they use it, but nobody has told you what it is, so here we go.

Colour surface harder is a product that is applied to wet concrete, then printed with rubber texture mats in order to replicate the look of stone, brick slate, tile or even wood.

When CSH is applied it forms a toughened, wear resistant and anti-slip stain resistant surface. Colour Surface Hardener is available from our approved manufactures in twenty different colours, which gives you a number of different options.

Special Properties of Colour Surface Hardener

  • Removes the elastic properties of concrete, which means when we print the surface using our specialist rubber mats we can achieve deep prints and precise detail.
  • Contains ultra-violate pigments, conforming to current regulations meaning that the surface colour will not fade as a result of sun light.
  • Special properties enhance strength and appearance and reduce the chance of cracking.
  • Improves workability, which creates an extraordinarily  tough and long last surface

Here at Complete Driveway Designs, we have been working alongside the same two suppliers for close to fifteen years, as a result of this, we know the products we use remarkably well, so there’s never any nasty surprises on installation days.

Not only do we use quality, tested products we have experienced and qualified engineers installing driveways and patios. In order to ensure the highest quality installation we only use in house operatives, using our men, tools and vans means we have every confidence in the work we carry out. Why not take a look at some of the driveways and patios we have installed across the North West in the past, they really do speak for themselves.

Want to know more about pattern imprinted concrete? Visit our showroom today on Stubbins Lane or call the office on 01706 827 180 and speak to a pattern imprinted concrete expert today.