Our team have been non-stop over the last few months, installing concrete driveways and patios all across Greater Manchester and Lancashire (and even the odd one or two in Yorkshire!)

We’ve been working hard to give as many of our customers as possible an amazing looking driveway or patio in time for the summer. And despite the shocking weather, we’ve managed to transform dozens of homes all over the region.

One of our most recent installations was this stunning new concrete patio in Ramsbottom.


A tired, worn down and wobbly brick patio


These homeowners had previously loved spending time outside, and had devoted a lot of time and money to their patio so they could sit outside and enjoy some fantastic views.

But their patio – made of cobblestone bricks in the traditional style – quickly grew tired.

It was hard work to keep up maintenance, with the surface regularly gathering moss, weeds often poking through the cracks and the odd brick coming loose.

It was unsightly – and the more they tried to ignore it, the worse it got.

So they turned to Complete Driveway Designs to modernise and transform their patio.

A complete platinum transformation

We met with the couple to discuss their needs and preferences, and then put together a new design for them. They loved the space they had, so just wanted a like for like replacement.

A patio that would last for years with very little maintenance – no heavy cleaning needed, no weed killer, no wobbly bricks. 

And one that looked amazing of course.

They choose a gorgeous modern design, in stunning platinum grey with a charcoal release to add an extra dimension. And they settled on an effective Ashlar Slate pattern that really opens up the space on their patio. 

Alongside their main patio, we also transformed the two steps leading up to their garden to the same high standards and attractive finish.

The results?

A stunning, highly practical concrete patio that these homeowners in Ramsbottom can finally enjoy again – just in time for the summer!

Easy to clean and maintain, we’ve refreshed their outside space and helped them create a garden they’ll love spending time in again.

  Want to see exactly what a beautiful new concrete patio could look like in your garden?