A beautiful concrete patio is a practical, cost effective and stunning way to transform your garden.

concrete patio ideas with bbq area



The top reasons to invest in a brand new patio for your home are:

  • A practical, weatherproof space outdoors
  • A place to entertain family and friends
  • A designated BBQ area and an outdoor eating space
  • A beautiful addition to the garden
  • An area to extend the house outside
  • A sturdy place for pots and planters
  • Somewhere to relax and sunbathe

With the right kind of material for your patio, you can have any design, shape or size you want. Our concrete patios will help you make the most of your outside space and enjoy more time outside for years to come – in any colour or style you like!


If you’re considering your options for garden patio designs, there are many different ideas to focus on. You’ll need to decide what you would like, including:


  • The size, shape and style
  • Steps and paths
  • Sunken areas for BBQs
  • Incorporate flower beds
  • Edge and borders
  • The material
Ideas for patios with concrete path
concrete patio and artificial grass design


There are lots of different types of patios to choose from, and many different designs and ideas for each. Think about the requirements you need for your patio – you might even want a combination of patio options! 


  • Concrete (pattern imprinted/stamped concrete)
  • Wooden decking
  • Artificial grass
  • Slate
  • Stone slabs
  • Bricks
  • Gravel or shale


Poured and printed concrete patio designs also have many benefits over traditional patio slabs.

The problems with concrete or stone slabs incIude:

  • Loose or wobbly slabs (which can be a trip hazard)
  • Weeds growing in between gaps
  • Regular maintenance – cleaning, de-weeding, re-pointing
  • Broken or cracked slabs

Bricks and other similar building blocks have the same problem and might not be the best patio floor idea for you.

Wooden decking patio idea

With pattern imprinted concrete, we can make any patio idea a reality. You can:

  • Have a custom designed shape – including curves and paths anywhere you want
  • Go for an old rustic style or a fresh modern approach
  • Choose from a range of colours and patterns
  • Enjoy a long-lasting maintenance-free, practical space for all your needs

We can even install concrete patios that look like decking! Concrete decks are a great choice if you want a wooden look without all the problems associated with real wood! Check out our blog for more information on the alternatives to wooden decking.

Pattern imprinted concrete patio ideas for entertaining

Wooden decking can also be a problem too:

  • Good quality wood is expensive
  • Shape and size is limited to the plank length
  • Wood needs to be protected and treated regularly
  • Decking can rot, or become infested with bugs & little critters
  • Wood attracts moss and algae, and can be VERY slippery

Concrete patios on the other hand require very little maintenance – once they’re in, they’re long-lasting and hassle free – strong and sturdy for many years to come. 

Concrete decking design alternative to wood

If you’re ready to transform your garden, we can help you start designing your perfect patio now. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)

Stuck for designs or ideas for your patio? Combine concrete with other options

If you really want to transform your outdoor space and are in the process of designing your garden, don’t settle for one patio idea. Why not create your own bespoke patio designs, and combine lots of different options?

patio ideas with concrete and children's grass area
patio idea with raised concrete steps and path
garden patio design with concrete decking and grass

We can install a combination of concrete patios and traditional wooden decking, alongside real turf or artificial grass. You could have a concrete patio leading to steps down to grass, with decking at the other end of your garden.

Or you could have a concrete area for BBQs, next to artificial grass for tables, sun loungers and children’s play areas.

Whatever kind of patio you’d like, we can help you design and create your dream garden, a place for the whole family to enjoy. We can install a complementary combination of any material in your garden – anywhere in ManchesterLancashireYorkshire or Cheshire

Conservatory with grey concrete patio outside
pattern concrete patio, two colours and designs
modern idea for large concrete patio


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