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Whether you’re entertaining friends in the summer, BBQing for family, or you just want a hassle-free place where you get sit and relax, a concrete patio is the perfect option for ANY outdoor space. Make any area in your garden practical and fully accessible – with minimum maintenance, in the design and colours you want!

Do you have a design in mind, or want to find out how much your dream patio would cost?



Poured and printed concrete patios also have many benefits over traditional patio slabs.

Most patios with concrete slabs have the same problems:

  • Wobbly flagstones when the cement comes loose underneath
  • Gaps between the blocks which need regularly re-pointing
  • Weeds always growing in between each of the slabs
  • A surface susceptible to moss and algae
  • Slabs that crack and break off over time

Pattern imprinted concrete solves all of these problems. There are no gaps or breaks between the concrete, so no worries about weeds, re-pointing or moving flagstones. And the surface is covered with a water resistance sealant to prevent moss or algae growing.

That means minimal maintenance and cleaning – all year round.


If you’ve decided that you want to make better use of the space outside your house, you usually have two main options to choose from – a concrete patio or wooden decking.

Decking is normally a cheaper choice, but is it the better one? Although good, decent decking can provide a rustic feel to your garden, the best types of wood are expensive. Decking planks also limit you to standard layouts with straight lines – and you might have to compromise on length or width. 

But the major downside of decking is the maintenance. It ages quickly if you don’t treat it regularly, and rot can easily set in leading to expensive replacements. Damp wood is a haven for little critters and pests too – along with dangerously slippery algae.

Concrete patios on the other hand require very little maintenance – once they’re in, they’re long-lasting and hassle free – strong and sturdy for many years to come. 

The best solution? Why not combine the flexibility of patios with decking? We can install a complementary combination of the two in your garden – anywhere in Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire or Cheshire


Even better than low-maintenance, pattern imprinted concrete gives you full choice over the design, style and colour of your new patio. 

We can be as creative as you want, pouring the concrete to any shape you need and including multiple patterns and features as part of your design. 

They’re the perfect complement for raised, landscaped areas, BBQ zones, ponds, steps and any can include any special features you’d like. Whatever you want, printed concrete patios can be created around your garden to make the perfect outdoor space.

Start your planning today. Speak to one our expert advisors and


Why Pattern Imprinted Concrete?


Choosing Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patios

Take a closer look at the all the benefits of a pattern imprinted concrete, and see why we love it.

Designs & Patterns


Choose your favourite style

There are dozens of different styles and patterns to customise your concrete patio.

Patio Colours


Choose your perfect colour

Pattern imprinted concrete gives you lots of different colour options for your new patio.


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