Earlier this year, the UK government announced that changes made to the wedding industry during the Covid pandemic would be made permanent. Changes that legalised outdoor ceremonies anywhere at a licensed wedding venue.

It means that any hotel or dedicated wedding venue that’s licensed to conduct civil ceremonies inside, can now host outdoor ceremonies wherever they’d like.

Previously, outdoor ceremonies could only be held at specific locations with a fixed permanent structure, like a band stand or pagoda.


Is your wedding venue ready for outdoor ceremonies?

The change means more and more couples will be looking for wedding venues that can offer the right surroundings for an outdoor ceremony.

Because you still can’t just hold a ceremony anywhere. Arranging chairs in the middle of water-sodden field, for example, is a no go. So too are muddy paths, dusty gravel or any surface that’s going to ruin footwear and dresses.

And if your wedding venue has old, unsightly, badly maintained outdoor dining and reception areas, couples are going to be unimpressed with the look and feel and won’t want to get married there.



Transform your outdoor areas with pattern imprinted concrete to attract more couples

Couples want a stunning wedding venue. They want somewhere that looks absolutely beautiful – picture perfect for their wedding day.

Your venue can deliver on that if you style your outdoor areas correctly. That’s where pattern imprinted concrete comes in.

It can enhance your existing outdoor ceremony areas, create new places for couples to tie the knot and deliver a highly practical, highly effective way to maximise your outdoor space.


1. Because printed concrete is completely flexible

It can be poured to any shape or size you want, which makes it superb for creating bespoke ceremony areas. Maybe you just want a large simple rectangle outside your dining room doors, to host small ceremonies? Perhaps you want a full-length concrete patio to open up space for both ceremony and reception areas. Or maybe you want to create a custom ceremony area around a natural feature in your grounds? Pattern imprinted concrete could be used to create a stunning aisle for the bride, a separate area for the registrars, and even a semi-circle around the ceremony area for chairs to be placed on.

2. Because printed concrete can be coloured and styled any way you want

You could choose to colour your aisle a distinct colour from the rest of your patio area, creating a gorgeous look for married couples to embrace. Or you might want to use different patterns to mark out different areas – a place at the front reserved for the wedding party, general seating areas, and areas for equipment and storage. You could even use different colours and prints to set apart your reception area from your ceremony area.


3. Because printed concrete is super easy to maintain and keep at its best

Pattern imprinted concrete is extremely durable and easy to clean. It’s perfect for high footfalls areas – for the scrapes of chairs and tables, the clatter of high heels and the weight of PA systems and large speakers. In short, it’s ideal for any wedding venue because it’s so easy to maintain. You don’t need to worry about scrapes and scratches, moss, wobbly stones, slippery decking or anything like that. Just wipe clean (after the champagne spills), and it’s as good as new.


Want to learn more about transforming outdoor areas at your wedding venue?


If you want to attract more couples and host more outdoor ceremonies in the future, investing in your outside spaces is essential. And getting the groundwork right, making sure your outdoor floors are solid and practical – while looking amazing – is a must.

Pattern imprinted concrete can deliver on all counts, helping you create stunning outdoor ceremony areas anywhere you’d like.

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