When designing your driveway, our surveyor will discuss the following driveway ideas with you:

Driveway Colour Ideas

When coming up with driveway ideas and thinking about the colour of your driveway, you should first consider the style and colour of your property, then decide if you want the driveway to match or contrast with it. The colours below are some of our more popular, but there are many more to choose from.

Pattern Imprinted Driveway Colours

Driveway Pattern Ideas

Often with new driveway ideas the choice of pattern usually comes down to personal preference, but can be swayed by a few issues. The size of the area can be a factor in the size of the print, for example a larger print like Grand Ashlar would not be used on a narrow path as the limited space would stifle the pattern’s aesthetic. Another consideration is whether the driveway is on a slope, as a deeper pattern like Old English Cobble will provide more friction when walking on it.

Driveway Shape Ideas

The beauty of choosing a concrete driveway is that the concrete can be poured into almost any shape. We often create different shaped areas within the same installation, with decorative circles, curved paths and jagged edges being popular features

Driveway Edges Ideas

The edge of a driveway can be aesthetically important, as it serves as a boundary between the concrete and the other parts. We generally either create a block edge or a patterned concrete edge. Block edges are often raised and are used around features such as planters or flowerbeds. Concrete edges can be a completely different pattern and colour to the rest of the driveway, to either compliment or contrast with the rest of the property. An acid stain can be applied to create a picture frame effect with the patterned concrete

Driveway Steps Ideas

Any optional extras like turf, plants or fencing will now be carefully installed.


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