From sweeping, curved shapes and raised features, to stylish pathways with unique borders – there are so many different driveway ideas to explore.

Ideas for driveways with curved shape


  1. Create unique shapes and curves
  2. Add stunning borders and contrasting edges
  3. Choose your own colours and patterns
  4. Install new steps and pathways
  5. Raise flowerbeds around your front driveway
  6. Include stand-out features or geometric patterns
  7. Incorporate security features to protect your drive
  8. Add outdoor lighting for dark driveways
  9. Build dedicated bin storage into a new drive

Keep reading to see what you can do with your driveway, with a range of options, designs and ideas. 


 If you’re just thinking about a new driveway, there are lots of different options to think about, including

We can help you understand the different types of driveways – including the pros and cons – and show you why we think pattern imprinted concrete/ is the best option for any driveway ideas you might have.

Cobblestone concrete driveway idea
Driveway options for modern house
Whether you’re starting to think about what a new driveway could do for your home, or you’re looking for some more in-depth ideas to transform your front garden, we can help.

WHY US? Well, we’ve been creating and installing driveways and patios for over 15 years across the North West and Yorkshire, using the very best pattern imprinted concrete to add value to your home and make a great first impression.

And once you’ve had a look through a huge range of driveway ideas and chosen a few favourites from our gallery of examples, our specialist designers will help you plan your dream driveway – completely free of charge – and show you first-hand how you can transform your home.

Whatever ideas you choose to incorporate into your final designs, you’ll get all the benefits of a brand new, beautiful driveway, which includes: improved aesthetics, enhanced practical use, great first impressions, and increased home value!

 If you’re ready to transform your home, we can help you start designing your perfect driveway now. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)


Unlike other driveway types, if you decide on pattern imprinted concrete, you’ll be able to have any shape of driveway you like. The only limit is your imagination.

The concrete can be poured in almost any shape you want – we just lay out the design and pour it in! This is one of the big benefits of pattern imprinted concrete. 

You could have a straight, square or rectangular driveway to sit nicely in front of your house. Or you might want to create a sweeping curve to have a circular driveway leading up to the entrance.

You could even decide on having a wavy edge to add extra decorative features or a meandering path.


With stamped concrete, we can easily create the exact borders you’d like, or install some beautiful edges to your driveway. There are lots of ideas to choose from.

Jagged edges add a strong look, whilst block edges are a good option to define a boundary. You can even use borders to create different sections.

The great things about decorative concrete is choosing a different pattern and colour to make a border really stand out.

You might have a contrasting border running around the edge, whilst lines printed with a new pattern in the middle of a driveway separate different areas for parking and walking.

You could even choose to stain parts of the driveway to create a picture frame effect!


As well as all the different driveway ideas you see here, if you choose pattern imprinted concrete for your new driveway, you’ll also get to choose from an extensive range of colours and patterns too! How will you design your new drive?

 If you’re ready to start transforming your home, we can help you design your perfect driveway now:


We have lots of ways to personalise and enhance your new driveway too, adding features that look great and which can be really useful.

4. Install new steps and pathways, up to your front door or down to your garden

Stamped concrete is a great option for creating some beautiful looking steps, and you can add patterns to the edges in any way you want. It’s really easy to add a long pathway down the side of your house in the same, or a complementing style

Ideas for Driveway with steps and path
driveways - for raised planters

5. Raise flower beds around your front driveway

Some people might worry that a large block of concrete on your driveway can look boring and unattractive. But as well as colours and patterns, we have lots of ideas for adding raised flowers beds around the border and even in the middle of a new drive.  

6. Include standout features or geometric patterns

Whichever way you want to customise your driveway, you can. We’ll just help you decide the best options for you. You might want to include a curved area for a planted tree or some pot plants. Maybe you’d like to include a stylish compass image? Whatever driveway ideas you have in mind, we can help.

driveway ideas with pattern and prints

I’m ready to transform my home: Help me design my perfect driveway now. (Or I’d just like to download the brochure to find out more)

7. Incorporate security features to protect your drive 

You might want a new driveway designed and laid to provide a safe, secure place for parking – complete with gates and bollards.

It’s a great way to have a private, professional looking parking space.

8. Add outdoor lighting for dark driveways

Safety at night can also be important, and a well-lit driveway makes parking, unloading the car, and generally moving about in front of the house a lot easier.

Why not install floor level lighting, or concrete around some period lamp posts?

9. Build dedicated bin storage into a new drive No-one likes looking at bins, but finding a place to hide them away can be a nightmare. With a new driveway, you could section off an area, include a separate pattern and colour, and install tidy fencing to cordon off bins!

Do you have any other driveway ideas? Just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!


curved flower bed
long drive
Ideas for driveways with a garden
Driveway options for homes and gardens
Once you’ve had a look through the many options for a new driveway, and know what pattern imprinted concrete is, the next step is to personalise your ideas to your home. With a design in mind, you’ll want to finalise your colour and pattern choice.  Every house is different, and some ideas might not be quite right for the style of your home. But space permitting, we can generally create any kind of driveway you would like!
We can come out and visit you, conducting a completely free survey of your existing driveway in Manchester, Liverpool, Halifax, Preston or anywhere in between. Our designer will then sit with you and talk about your ideas, and you can discuss what would work and look great, and what other features you might like. You’ll then get a fully designed driveway, mocked up how it would look in front of your home, for you to sign off on.


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