Pattern imprinted concrete – also known as decorative or stamped concrete –  is poured re-enforced concrete that is then imprinted with a pattern before it sets. It’s basically just as its name suggests. And it’s ideal for driveways!

Pattern imprinted concrete patio relaxation
concrete patio bbq play area
full concrete patio with steps

Strong, flexible and durable driveways 

Pattern imprinted concrete is used for driveways and patios for many different reasons, but there are three core features of the concrete which stand out for us. The main benefits of Pattern Imprinted Concrete are:


1. It’s Strong and Solid – and can withstand heavy weights

2. It’s Extremely Flexible – and can be poured to any shape

3. It’s Durable and Long-lasting – and requires very little maintenance


1. Strong and solid

Firstly, a pattern imprinted concrete driveway brings the same benefits you would associate with any type of concrete. It’s strong and it’s solid. When you have one big block of concrete, it’s extremely tough and can withstand an awful lot!

2. Extremely flexible

Because we pour the concrete in liquid form, it means we can create almost any shape and border you’d like. We can fill in difficult-to-reach gaps, cover large areas quickly, and customise a driveway or patio to the exact specifications you want. And then we can add a huge range of patterns and colours. Patterned concrete gives you so much choice!

3. Durable and long-lasting

Perhaps most importantly, concrete is a durable material, which means it’s extremely long lasting. When it’s poured, set and finished, it forms a great-looking, sturdy driveway – one that won’t chip, wobble, crack or loosen. Pattern imprinted concrete will last for years and years!

The many benefits of a Decorative Concrete Driveway:

Its Long Lasting

So you don’t need to worry about replacing or repairing.

It’s Low Maintenance

So upkeep is hassle-free, and your drive always looks great

It’s Incredibly Flexible

So you can choose the exact size, shape and design that works!

It’s High Quality,

So your home will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

It Adds Value

So you could increase the price of your home by around 10%!

It Looks Amazing

With so many colours and pattern to pick, to be truly unique

Stamped concrete makes for one of the best types of driveways

If you’ve ever seen pattern imprinted or stamped concrete on a driveway near you, on patios at hotels, or on drive-thru lanes, you’ll know how great it looks. And how it can be really unique too.

That’s why it’s great for homeowners – because you make it your own. You can style and customise it as much as you want to match your home and what you like.

Better still, because it’s solid concrete, it’s extremely durable and long lasting – so you don’t have to worry about any kind of repairs or replacements – unlike some other driveway types.

And when it’s installed correctly, there’s no need to worry about any kind of cracking either. We take great care when pouring concrete, and our expert installers know how to place all the necessary expansion joints and seal it effectively.

This means a pattern imprinted concrete driveway requires very little maintenance and will last for a long, long time in perfect condition.

Pattern imprinted concrete patio relaxation
concrete patio bbq play area
full concrete patio with steps

Get hundreds of driveway ideas for patterned concrete

Unlike other kinds of driveways, pattern imprinted concrete gives you complete flexibility when it comes to size, shape, colour and pattern. There are basically no limits as to what you can do, which is why we love it!

There are so many different driveway ideas for pattern imprinted concrete, we could only list a few. But if you book a planning appointment with one of our expert surveyors, we can talk you through all your options and help you design your perfect new drive.

It really is that simple with stamped concrete! No worrying about whether it can fit, whether the shape is right, or if the material is easily available. It’s all taken care of with a quick and efficient installation.

Whether you’re in Manchester or Preston, Bradford or Liverpool, Chester or Sheffield – we would definitely recommend you consider pattern imprinted concrete for your new driveway!


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