There are many kinds of driveways to choose from, but we specialise in decorative printed concrete because we think it looks amazing, gives you the most options for customisation with shapes and colours, and most importantly, is a high quality, long-lasting material.

Why Pattern Imprinted Concrete?


Choosing Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Take a closer look at the all the benefits of a pattern imprinted concrete, and see why we love it.

Designs & Patterns


Choose your favourite style

There are dozens of different styles and patterns to customise your concrete driveway.

Driveway Colours


Choose your perfect colour

Pattern imprinted concrete gives you lots of different colour options for your new drive.


If are looking for new driveway ideas for your home, you’ll have to decide which type is best for you. Although some might not be as expensive as others, they might not last as long, or might requires more upkeep and maintenance.

Tarmac driveways can look smooth and pristine when applied correctly, matching the road outside your home. But colour choices are very limited, and whilst it should be long lasting, many deteriorate quickly because chemicals and oils (from cars and bikes) react with and dissolve the tarmac.

Block paving driveways such as flags and slabs, or small concrete blocks, are a popular choice for many homeowners, but certain patterns require precise laying which increases installation costs. Many flagged driveways are quite bland, as attractive options cost more money. They can also attract moss and algae easily, requiring more regular cleaning.

Stone and gravel driveways are a good choice if you want to deter burglars, because they are loud when parking your car or walking over them. They’re one of the cheapest options available, but you may need to ‘top-up’ your driveway often. And because they can be laid directly onto the ground, your drive will need regular maintenance, garden membrane and strong weed killer to prevent weeds and grasses from growing.

Bricks or cobblestone driveways are not as common as they used to be, but they can really enhance the period feel of a house. However they are expensive because they are unusual, and require specialist installation. These types of driveways can also become very slippery when wet as well.

But choosing pattern imprinted concrete driveways gives you a long-lasting, extremely strong driveway that can hold heavy weights and requires very little maintenance. On top of that, you also get the biggest choice of patterns, colours and designs, making your new driveway options completely flexible.


With the right design and installation, a pattern imprinted concrete driveway provides a stunning
addition to your home – whether you live in Manchester, Liverpool or anywhere in Yorkshire and the North West. But what is pattern imprinted concrete, and why choose it?

Well, the biggest benefit is that it adds value to your property, with a long-lasting, durable material 
that looks new for many years AND requires very little maintenance. 

No weeding, no worrying about chemical spills, and no cracks or loose stones.



The versatility of pattern imprinted concrete sets it apart from other types of driveways. Every drive can be unique, as you can have virtually any design you want, changing colours, patterns, edges, borders and several different features.

They can be shaped to any circumstances, simply poured to the exact style of driveway you would like.


Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are a high quality, cost effective option, and should definitely be considered when you’re looking at different types of drives. The best way to learn more about the material and the installation process is to download our dedicated brochure.

To get a personal quote for your driveway, and start designing the beautiful new addition to your home, tell us a few simple details and we’ll be in touch.

We install pattern imprinted concrete in all locations across the North West, whether you need a new driveway in Oldham or Lancaster, or a new patio in Stockport or Crewe

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