Block paving is a very popular method when it comes to driveway installation in the United Kingdom. However it comes with a vast number of problems that people seem to be unaware of until after they have had the paving installed. What if we told you that there was an alternative that not only looked better, required much less maintenance and didn’t incur any the problems block paving does? Pattern Impritned Concrete is the perfect alternative! Read on to see some of the benefits of P.I.C.

When it comes to having your driveway done the last thing you want to do when it is finished is having to maintain it! Block paving allows weeds and grass to grow through which unless maintained leaves the area looking unsightly and can also be quite costly. The only maintenance needed on a P.I.C driveway is a reseal every 2-3 years depending on the amount of use it has.
Block paving can start to move in areas if it is having cars parked in the same place regularly, the weight can cause the blocks to come loose, the blocks can also start to sink into the sub-base, again if cars are parked in the same place. Over time this can become very noticeable and can be even more costly to rectify. With concrete being such a durable substance this doesn’t happen at all as we will always use the correct thickness of concrete (4’’ of concrete on a standard driveway).
When it comes to the process of fitting a driveway, P.I.C is fitted in a much faster time scale, leaving you able to use your driveway to its full potential.
P.I.C can be printed in a wide variety of colours and patterns, the patterns look identical to the real material (i.e. cobbles).
On a whole P.I.C works out at a fraction of the price of block paving and we know that everybody loves a bargain and still have a driveway carried out by a professional and reputable company.
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