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Driveways are a key focal point of any home. They attract attention from the road and draw the eye up to your property. They’re the first thing visitors to your house see. So you’ll want to make sure yours looks as good as possible. Choosing and installing a concrete driveway could be a confusing and complicated process, but we’ve broken the whole process down for you below. 

 Find everything you need to know about our driveway installations:

 Not sure where to start? We’ll help you design your perfect driveway, and transform your home for you – hassle free.

Driveway Ideas

Driveway Designs

 If you’re just starting to think about a new drive for your home, you’ll want some ideas and inspiration first. There are many different types of driveways to choose from, but we can help you make the right decision for your property.

Once you’ve looked at various different driveways and decided what you like and don’t like, you’ll want to finalise the design for your home. We’ll show you how to design your own concrete driveway with the shape, the colours and the patterns. 

Driveway Process

Driveway Costs

Removing your old, crumbling driveway and installing a beautiful new pattern imprinted concrete driveway might seem like a huge task, but the process is actually very simple and straightforward. We’ve installed hundreds of concrete driveways across the North West and will guide you through the whole process. 

As with any home renovation project, new concrete driveways are an investment. They do cost money, but they will add value to your home. And you can keep costs under control by customising as much or as little as you want. Our cost calculator can help you find out driveway prices.

Why Choose Pattern Imprinted Concrete ?

Why Choose Us?

Pattern imprinted concrete is a great choice as the material for your new driveway. It’s strong, durable and long-lasting, which means it will look great for years to come and require very little maintenance. There are lots more reasons why PIC is ideal for your drive too.

We’ve been installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways for over 15 years, all across the North West. We’re one of Manchester’s, Lancashire’s AND Yorkshire’s leading driveway companies, and we know what we’re doing. Most importantly, we want to help you get the best driveway possible for your home. 

Which Towns & Areas Do We Cover?


We design and install driveways & patios across Manchester, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. From our central location in Ramsbottom where you'll find our head office and showroom, we can get to all major towns & villages from Leeds to Liverpool, Preston to Stockport. You can check if we work in your area by checking the areas we cover:


New Driveways Increase A Home’s Value 

 One of the main reasons to choose a new driveway for your home is because of the additional value it can bring to your property. Not only does it look amazing and create a brilliant first impression, but it can also help you re-sell your home in the future – and get more money for it. 

Driveways are very desirable parts of a property. They look good, add character and style to a house, and provide a practical area for parking off-road. 

Why else should you consider a new driveway? 

 There are many other reasons why new driveways are a great option for homeowners who want to enhance the look and feel of their home. Choosing, designing and installing a new drive: 

  • Makes your home stand out from your neighbours 
  • Creates lots more useful space in front of your property
  • Complements the style of your house 
  • Ensures you don’t have to worry about future maintenance 

 If you’re ready to transform your home, we can help you start designing your perfect driveway now. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)

 If you’re ready to transform your home, we can help you start designing your perfect driveway now. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)


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