Find out how much the average driveway costs, and see how we can save you money on a beautiful new drive.

How Much Does A New Driveway Cost?

The price of a stunning new driveway will depend on the size, shape, materials and installation costs. We can give you a rough estimate here.

But don’t think about your new driveway as a cost. Think about it as an investment to transform your home.

Because our prices for a new pattern imprinted driveway don’t just include the materials and installation. Our prices include a full transformation, from the removal of all your old drive to the complete finish and cleaning of your new one.

So find out how much it costs for us to transform your home.


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Concrete Price Calculator

Simply use our handy cost calculator below to get an idea of what you could expect to pay for a beautiful new pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

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How to estimate the cost of a driveway 

Our cost calculator quotes a price per metre for our expertise in installing a beautiful new driveway for you. It includes all materials and labour costs. It makes things a whole lot easier.

But if you’d like to work out the cost of a new driveway manually, you’ll need to consider the following:

The price of the raw materials:

concrete, block paving, resin, natural stone – whatever you choose for your driveway. 

The price of the additional materials and equipment:

depending on the type of driveway you choose, you might need cement, sand, wooden boards and several different tools. 

The price of installation:

unless you can pave or lay a driveway yourself, there will be a cost associated with installation too. 

The price of finishing:

finally, you’ll need to make sure your new driveway is completed to a professional finish and protected. There may be an additional cost for sealing or coating. 

When you get a new driveway quote from us, our final price includes absolutely everything, so there are no hidden surprises. 

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What to know about driveway prices

Along with a rough idea of materials and installation costs, you’ll also need to consider the price for any additional features. 

Some driveway companies may charge you extra to have different colours or patterns, or to add different border effects. 

If you want features like raised flower beds, steps or fences, this will add onto your driveway cost, so be sure to bear these in mind. 

For many concrete driveways, appropriate drainage is required in order to prevent the need for planning permission, and drainage grates will be a small additional cost.


The same is true if you have any manholes on your property. To maintain access to these, you’ll need to have bespoke manhole covers installed within your driveway – but these shouldn’t be expensive if you choose the right driveway company. 

Don’t forget to ask about maintenance costs for your new driveway either! We can help with that too.

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We design and install driveways & patios across Manchester, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. From our central location in Ramsbottom where you’ll find out head office and showroom, we cover all major towns from Leeds to Liverpool, Preston to Stockport.   


Driveway cost comparisons 

If you’re comparing the cost of an imprinted concrete driveway with the prices for other types of driveways, there are a few things you’ll need to remember. 

As well as the cost for the raw materials and the cost for installation you will also need to compare the lifespan of your driveway and the on-going maintenance costs. 


Pattern imprinted concrete drives are one of the most long-lasting, sturdy types of driveways – and they require very little maintenance to keep in shape. The materials tend to be more cost effective and installation costs are cheaper too.  Compare this with block paving, where each slab can be expensive, and more time is required to fit them.

You should budget for re-sealing a concrete driveway every couple of years to keep your driveway at its best, but other than that, there is very little additional investment it requires – unlike other driveway types. 


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