As mentioned in our previous articles, we take a number of quality control measures to ensure all of our projects are finished to the highest possible standards. It becomes evident that this is the case if you take a look at the testimonials left by our previous customers.

Other than ensuring that our installers have the most up to date knowledge industry, combined with their irreplaceable experience, we also understand the importance of using quality materials.

As result of this, we only use provisions provided by the leading UK suppliers of pattern imprinted concrete materials.

Elite Crete has been trading for over 25 years, and is equally as knowledgeable when it comes to pattern imprinted concrete, the company stock vast amounts of materials, which means we have access to whatever our client requests. Being associated with Elite Crete means our industry knowledge has a depth to please any client, meaning Complete Driveway Designs are the leading installers of pattern imprinted concrete, also known as pressed concrete.

Elite Crete is a family owned business who have outreach across the United Kingdom because of their vast industry knowledge which is constantly updated through a number of methods including training sessions, which Elite Crete provide to their suppliers.

All of the products supplied by Elite Crete have be put through extensive testing procedures to ensure the best quality is achieved.

As a result of this, Elite Crete operates in both domestic and commercial industry’s which is a true testament to the wide-spread experience they possess.

In order to broaden your knowledge on pattern imprinted concrete, or to find more information on Elite Crete, head over to their website which is – .Don’t forget to mention that you know their friends over at Complete Driveway Designs Ltd.

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