Do you love working outside? 

Would you prefer a job that keeps you fit and uses your hands? 

And do you want to help people feel proud of their homes, leaving them with a huge smile on their face? 

If the answer’s yes to any of the above, you could make a talented, specialist driveway installer. 

 We’re always looking for hard-working, dedicated people 

Becoming a professional driveway fitter is a great way to put your muscles and your skills to work. It takes a lot of dedication and drive, with lots of hard work – but the rewards are well worth it. 

There are great rates of pay, no office work, and good people working with you each day. Plus, you’re doing something rewarding, helping homeowners transform the look and feel of their house each day – giving them something to be really proud of.

And they’ll thank you for it. 


What does it take to install driveways professionally?


You’ll need to have a few different skills to install professional driveways to the high standards our customers expect, but these are skills we can teach you. 

The best driveway fitters: 


  • Enjoy working outside 
  • Are happy to graft 
  • Can do everything from digging to pouring, sweeping to colouring 
  • Understand the chemical makeup of concrete and other key solutions used in pattern printed driveways 
  • Can read technical drawings and measurements
  • Have great customer service skills

If you’re looking for a career change, becoming a driveway installer could be just for you 

If you’re in a manual labour job now and you’re looking for something different, a new challenge or to learn new skills, you might find installing driveways is right up your street. 

Or maybe you’re in a desk job and just want to get outside, use your hands, and take pride in something you’ve helped create. 

Either way we’ll teach you exactly what you need to know about installing concrete driveways and patios professionally. 

We’ll show you how we carefully complete the essential groundwork preparation, how we apply technical drawings on site, and how we formulate the exact type of concrete we need based on a range of different conditions and scenarios.

Because it’s not a simple mix and pour – there’s lots more skill required to understand and appreciate the chemical makeup of concrete. Along with the colouring, staining and sealing solutions we use, you’ll need to know exactly how temperature, atmosphere and moisture interact with and affect your concrete.

And then you need to know how to print it.

But we’ll show you all that.

As long as you have the dedication to work hard and the desire to learn new skills, we can help you become a professional driveway fitter.

Do you know someone who could train to be a driveway fitter?

Driveway installations teams are in high demand. If you’re looking for someone who wants a different job – a well-paid job with good hours and good rewards, then tell them about becoming a driveway fitter.

It’s a specialist labour role, not something everyone can do.

But if it’s right for them and they’re right for the job, they could learn skills to set them up for life.