The first stage in installing any driveway is the preparation. This is where the entire area is excavated and cleared. The borders and boundaries are then built, which is how the shape of the concrete is achieved later on. Once this is done, the areas where the concrete is to be poured are given a sub-base, which is necessary in order to make the driveway durable and keep it level. Any extra features like steps or drainage will also be prepared for at this stage.


Next is the pour stage. The concrete is poured into the shaped areas and levelled off. Then we apply a colour hardener, followed by a releasing agent, and then start to create the pattern using textured mats. The specific pattern, colour and release will have been chosen by the customer beforehand.

Clean and Cut

Once the concrete has sufficiently hardened, it is time for the clean and cut stage. The concrete is fully jet-washed to remove what is left of the release agent, and then crack control joints are cut. This is in order to control where any cracks will occur, and will follow the pattern as closely as possible, so that any cracking will look natural.


Finally the concrete is sealed. This involves applying a thin layer of acrylic seal to the surface of the driveway. Concrete is permeable (lets water through), and the seal will stop this, protecting the concrete from wear and tear. We can also include an anti-slip additive at this stage if needed.


Any optional extras like turf, plants or fencing will now be carefully installed.


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