In 2015 the construction industry in the North West, especially Manchester was labelled as “booming” by experts all over Europe. The pipeline was estimated to be worth over £114 billion pounds, with close to £70bn expected to have a high degree of certainty.

Fast forward to 2016 and the country faced uncertain times when a majority vote decided to leave the EU. This came as a huge worry for the construction industry as a vast amount of funding is received from them; No.1 Spinningfields being a prime example, in fact Manchester alone received close to £140m from the European Union within a six year period (2007- 2013).

But now that we have crossed the “Brexit Bridge” and hopefully it is soon to be off the tip of everyone’s tongue, how does the future look? In recent months, Manchester has been praised for its stylish lifestyle. There seems to be cocktail bars on every cobbled street corner, boutique hotels popping up everywhere we look, and major high street brands moving into every empty retail unit. Manchester has recently been named as one of the most dynamic regional economies in Europe!

With this being said, it’s no surprise that the city’s skyline is littered with tower cranes; Manchester really is the capital of construction at the minute, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Companies such as Renaker Build UK and BAM seem to be dominating the city centre construction market, erecting apartment towers faster that anyone can design them. The outskirts of the city in areas such as Salford as quickly becoming stylish hubs for students, and go to places for fresh start up businesses, but it isn’t just Renaker and BAM who are soaking in all of Manchester’s glory. Companies from around the world are packing their suitcases and setting up shop here in the countries “second capital”, let’s take Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) for example, there work load in Manchester has become so excessive they have been forced to kit out a disused airport hangar as an office.

Beijing Construction Engineering Group have recently landed a £700m development to transform Middlewood Locks, which is adjacent to the Wilburn Basin site, managed by Renaker, which CD Designs recently completed the first phase of works on. (click here to view case study)

Although BCEG landed this mammoth contract, they didn’t stop there.  They have now secured other developments that have been huge in the press recently, such as St. Michaels Development, which is financially backed by ex Manchester United stars Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, not to mention there huge input on the works carried out at Manchester Airport.

This really is just a small example of the works that have recently commenced in Manchester; the volume of works extends onto the outskirts of the city and surrounding areas. Let’s take Rochdale for example, a town that has seen millions invested in the recent years, and shows no sign of holding back. Plans have recently been approved for their £70m shopping and leisure centre, which is part of a much larger £250m regeneration scheme.

The North West really is a great place for construction at the minute, and promises a very bright future. We look forward to seeing the new Manchester skyline unfold in front of our eyes, and we’re certainly proud to be a part of it.

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