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Here at Complete Driveway Designs, we pride ourselves on the quality service we provide from start to finish. In order to achieve the highest quality of installation possible, one of the methods we have used since we started trading is using out own in house installation teams, using out own men, tools and vans is one way to ensure the highest possible results are met. Our employees are all experienced in printing concrete and take pride in the work they complete.

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We are one of the North West’s leading pattern imprinted concrete driveway specialists, we beleive in having in-house teams to increase quality.

About Tony…

Tony is one of the foremen here at Complete Driveway Designs; he has tonnes of experience in working with pattern imprinted concrete. Tony has worked for a number of surfacing companies that specialise in driveway and patio’s so his knowledge in the services we offer is the best in the industry, he’s now a valuable member of team and is working hard towards progressing to the next level of his career. Tony’s biggest project is the Alpamere Water park.

About Colin…

John has now been with the sales team at Complete Driveway Designs since        . John is an expert in Pattern Imprinted Concrete, but is also knowlegable in other surfacing methods such as rubber crumb safety surfacing and tarmacing. John covers the whole of the North West region, and is always happy to come out a visit to discuss your requirements. Intrested in talking to John? He’d love to hear from you on 07944 360 360.

About Gaz…

Gaz joined us in the summer of 2016 from carrying out joinery work for a local company and once used to work for himself, he was able to use his transferable skills and settle in to his new role without any distruption or issues. His trustworthy personality means his is capable of working in both domestic and commercial departments accross the United Kingdom, as a result of this, Gaz can now boasts experience on drive thru lanes installations accross the country.

About Adi…

Adi is one of the verterans of pattern imprinted concrete, is theres something adi doesn’t know about concrete, it probably isnt worth knowing! Adi has worked on pretty much every noteable project we have completed, from Alpamere water park to Broadmoor Hospital, Aid has had his input. Adi now heads up his own concreting team any carries out long lasting quality driveway and patio installations in the North West, which can be seen here.

About Jimmy…

Jimmy, very much like adi is one of the companies verteran driveway installers, over his time here at complete driveway designs he has been involved in thousands of patio and driveway installers. When Jimmy isnt travelling the UK installaing drive thru lanes you’ll find him someone in the north west creating amazing outside spaces. Jimmy has been involved in some of the most complex and difficult projects that the company has faced to date.

About Rory…

Rory is one of the companies promosing trainee’s. Over his years at Complete Driveway Designs he has worked on a mixture of commercial and domestic projects learning a cast amount of varied skills, thinking about it, hes most likely the youngest pattern imprinted concrete in the country. Rory has worked on a huge amount of drive thru lane installation projects, so it won’t be long untill he’s heading up his own projects with his very own trainee.

About Mark…

Mark has now worked at Complete Driveway Designs for close to ten years, so it’s safe to say he’s part of the furniture! Mark takes control of the maintenance projects over the summer; he has an eye for detail so he’s the perfect man for the job. One of Marks notable projects in completing a local car park that contain a section of pattern imprint. When Mark isn’t working hard, he likes to spend time with his wife, Belinda, and their kids. 

About Stephen…

Stephen, is the brother of Mark and is our newest employee, he is keen to learn the art of Pattern Imprinted Concrete, so Complete Driveway Designs is the perfect place for him. Stephen often works under the watchful eye of his brother so he’ll be sure of receiving the best training the industry has to offer. In Stephens time here, he has worked on a number of commercial drive thru projects for the likes of McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King.


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