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Here at Complete Driveway Designs, we understand what a stressful process installing a new driveway can be. That’s why we have an experienced in-house management team that can make the process alot easier, and alot less hectic, all you have to do is ask!

Our management team is made up by two Directors, Tim and Wayne they are both experts in Pattern Imprinted Concrete installating and planning and will be more that happy to  guide you through the process, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the ride. Get in touch with the sales team via the contact form below, or by clicking here.

Look out for some of our signed up vehciles, we could be working in you area!

We are one of the North West’s leading pattern imprinted concrete driveway specialists, we beleive in having in-house teams to increase quality.

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About Tim…

Tim has been working with pattern imprinted concrete for close to twenty years, he has experience in managing small domestic projects, as well as huge commercial jobs. Tim, along with Wayne started up Complete Driveway Designs in order to offer a quality local service to home owners in Bury, the business has now grew to the point where CD Designs Ltd are the leading installers of pattern imprinted concrete in the North West.

About Wayne…

Wayne, just like Tim has also been installing pattern imprinted concrete for close to twenty years. Wayne’s experience and knowledge is the best in the industry, so your project is in safe hands if you choose Complete Driveway Designs. Wayne is often on site supervising works in order to ensure that only the best results are met, as a result of this, CD Designs Ltd have been successfully trading for close to fifteen years.


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