New Concrete Patios: 


Beautiful patios can turn an unused, wasted back garden or space outside into an incredible place for you and your family to enjoy. A great patio is an area for relaxation, for eating outdoors, and for entertaining friends. Patios can even add value to your home, so it’s important you get them right. Finding and designing your own new patio is quick and easy, because we guide you through the whole process. 

Explore everything you need to know about concrete patios:

Not sure where to begin? Or just want expert help with a beautiful new patio – designed and installed for you? 

Patio  Ideas

Before you decide exactly what to do with that space outside your home, you’ll want to get as many ideas as you can about patios. Anything’s possible, but we’ve put together some inspiration on the styles and types of patios here. 

Patio Designs

When you’ve got an idea in your head about the different patios available we’ll help you finalise those designs. We’ll show you what a new patio will look like in your garden, with your designs for the shape, the patterns and the colours. 

Patio Process

Installing a new patio in your back garden (or at the side of your house) doesn’t need to be a long and complicated process. We’ll show you exactly what’s required, and take care of everything for you, just as we’ve done with hundreds of other pattern imprinted concrete patios in the North West.

Patio Costs

You might be asking yourself how much a new patio costs, and it’s important to plan ahead and budget accordingly. Our calculator helps you work out the cost of new patios. Just remember that it’s an investment into your home that it can add value to your property too!

Why Choose Pattern imprinted concrete?

Pattern imprinted concrete is the perfect option for patios, because it’s so flexible and so attractive. It gives you a huge choice in the design, shape and style (as well as the colour), and it’s extremely durable. That means you don’t need to worry about maintenance. 

Why Choose us?

We’ve been installing patios for over 15 years, all across the North West. We’re one of Manchester’s, Lancashire’s AND Yorkshire’s leading concrete patio companies, and we know what we’re doing. Most importantly, we want to help you get the best patio possible for your home. 

Which Areas Do We Cover?


We design and install driveways & patios across Manchester, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. From our central location in Ramsbottom where you’ll find out head office and showroom, we cover all major towns from Leeds to Liverpool, Preston to Stockport.   


If you invest in a brand new patio, you’ll be making sure you and your family can get full use of your outdoor space, all year round. Stunning concrete patios not only look amazing, but they also extend your home outside, often creating an additional area that increases the value of your property when it comes to re-selling.  

Patios are extremely desirable to buyers, especially families.  They look beautiful, add character and charm to any home, and provide a wonderful area for entertaining and celebrating. And concrete patios can be in any size, any shape or any colour!


The top reasons to invest in a brand new concrete patio for your home are:

  • A practical, weatherproof space outdoors
  • A place to entertain family and friends
  • A designated BBQ area and an outdoor eating space
  • A beautiful addition to the garden
  • An area to extend the house outside
  • A sturdy place for pots and planters
  • Somewhere to relax and sunbathe

 If you’re ready to transform your home, we can help you start designing your perfect patio now. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)

 If you’re ready to transform your home, we can help you start designing your perfect patio now. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)


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