Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patios

Installing a concrete patio is a very similar process to installing a concrete driveway, however there are a few differences. Generally a driveway is more functional, as it is often used for parking cars, and will usually have to fit in with the surrounding properties. With a concrete patio we can be more creative, as having an enclosed space to work with and with functionality being less important, we can be more liberal with the various colours, shapes and features we design.

We have installed hundreds of concrete patios over the years, with very few looking alike. As you can see from the images, pattern imprinted concrete can be made to fit any shape you can imagine, and can easily be incorporated with steps, walls, decking, raised landscaped areas, and many more features like barbecues, seating areas or ponds.

Installing a pattern imprinted concrete patio has a number of positives. A patio can become a safe havean to relax in, whilst the space is very low maintenance, take a look at the below gallery to see some of the unique spaces we have created.

Over the past fifteen years whilst installing pattern imprinted patios, our in-house design team have developed a number of creative techniques in order to provide you with the perfect concrete patio. Installing decking, grass or artificial turf is a really great way of dividing up the space you have in order to create more than one functional space. 

Your imagination is really the only barrier to what we can do with your patio, so please get in touch today by calling 01706 827 180 and one of our surveyors can guide you in designing the perfect long lasting, quality garden hideaway for your home and family, alternatively visit our contact  page and send us a message!


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