New Concrete Patios: 
Get Ideas, Designs, Costs and Installation.

Everything you need to transform your home with a new concrete patio, including:

Practical outdoor space, a brilliant place to entertain, and the perfect addition to your home...

...there are many reasons why you should invest in a beautiful new concrete patio!

You might want to turn your muddy, ugly back garden into a gorgeous area for BBQs and parties. Or perhaps you want to replace old, worn out decking with a low maintenance space for relaxing. Or maybe you just want to extend your home outside with an attractive area for outdoor dining.

A practical garden for the whole family

Relax and sunbathe outdoors

There are lots of reasons why homeowners choose beautiful concrete patios. There are lots of different styles and types to choose from, lots of different ways to transform your outdoor space with a stunning new addition. They all look impressive. They’re all very practical. And they all add value to your home.

Celebrate with family BBQs

A low maintenance, all-weather space

The hassle-free way to transform your outdoors and get maximum use out of your back garden



Why wouldn’t you want a stunning new concrete patio from Complete Driveway Designs?

Which Areas Do We Cover?


We design and install driveways & patios across Manchester, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. From our central location in Ramsbottom where you’ll find out head office and showroom, we cover all major towns from Leeds to Liverpool, Preston to Stockport.   

Patio ideas: features, styles and types to consider.

There are many different types of patios, but we think pattern imprinted concrete patios are the best to choose. Here’s why:

Its Long Lasting

So you don’t need to worry about replacing or repairing.

It’s Low Maintenance

So upkeep is hassle-free, and your drive always looks great

It’s Incredibly Flexible

So you can choose the exact size, shape and design that works!

It’s High Quality,

So your home will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

It Adds Value

So you could increase the price of your home by around 10%!

It Looks Amazing

With so many colours and pattern to pick, to be truly unique

The other popular types of patios you might want to think about are:

  • Stone slabs

    Pros: Very popular, lots of sizes
    Cons: Limited colours, loosen and wobble, prone to weeds


  • Slate

    Pros: Unusual, elegant, period pieces
    Cons: Expensive, not very strong, loosen easily


  • Wooden decking

    Pros: Common, great in summer
    Cons: Wet and slippery, high maintenance, can rot

The look of decking without the hassle!

We can install an amazing patio that looks just like wooden decking – but without all the moss, maintenance and rotting that comes with wood!

  • Artificial grass

    Pros: Low maintenance and easy to lay
    Cons: Limited options, quality varies, not ideal in winter, not everyone likes the feel.


  • Gravel/Shale

    Pros: Very decorative, mix and match colours
    Cons: Impractical, noisy, uneven, prone to weeds and stray pieces


  • Resin

    Pros: Flexible shapes, different colour options
    Cons: Needs a solid surface underneath, and can crack if not expertly installed


With pattern imprinted concrete patios, you can incorporate all the ideas you’d like, including:

The shapes you want

The styles you want

The features you want

Ready to get started with a customised concrete patio, just the way you want it?

You’ve been inspired by our patio ideas, seen the benefits of pattern imprinted concrete and now have an idea of how you’d like your garden to look. Now what will a new patio cost?

If you’re thinking about a new patio area for your home, you’ll want to know exactly what’s involved. One of the key questions you’ll ask yourself is: How much does a patio cost? 

Of course, that all depends on size, shape, materials and features – but we want to help you calculate a rough price estimate for your home transformation. So work out how much a new patio will cost with our:

But what does that patio cost include?

As one of the leading pattern imprinted concrete companies in the North West, we make sure that you have absolutely everything you need for the perfect patio, whether you’re in Manchester or Preston, Bury or Bolton. So all our costs include just that: everything you need.

The cost of a brand new patio with Complete Driveway Designs includes:

  • A professional design and survey
  • Excavation and removal of ALL waste
  • All sub-base materials and all concrete
  • Colour surface hardener and anti-slip sealant



The price we quote for you is the one and only price you’ll pay. It includes everything you need for a new concrete patio. But that’s not all.


Patio cost calculator

Our price for a stunning new patio ALSO includes:


  • Your choice of colours – pick any you want!
  • Your choice of patterns – pick any you like!
  • A pre-installation pack to guide you through the whole process
  • A full, complete clean of the entire area
  • A special how-to maintenance guide to help you enjoy your patio for years to come.

AND, for extra reassurance

A 5-year guarantee on all our workmanship and materials

The cost of a new concrete patio is an investment to transform your back garden into a stunning place to relax, entertain and enjoy – just like these homes in Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Want an accurate price for your new patio, along with free customised designs of exactly what your beautiful concrete patio could look like?



1stClaim your free design (and get a quote from us)

2ndChoose the colour and pattern you love most

3rdCheck you’re happy with your designs, and then just leave us to it.

We have a professional installation process that includes full site preparation, precise concrete pouring and skilled pattern printing.

See our full installation process here. 

All you need to know, is that we take care of everything for you.

We can transform your tired, unattractive, impractical outdoor area into a beautiful, highly practical and low maintenance space anywhere in the North West – with concrete patios and any extra features you’d like. 

Whatever kind of patio you’d like, we can help you design and create your dream garden, a place for the whole family to enjoy. We can install a patio to make the most  of your outside space and enjoy more time outside – anywhere in Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire or Cheshire! 

Why not find out – for free – how you could transform your garden, and see what a beautiful concrete patio could look like at the back of your home?


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