How Much Is A New Patio?

If you’re thinking about a new patio area for your home, you’ll want to know exactly what’s involved. One of the key questions you’ll ask yourself is: How much does a patio cost? 

Of course, that all depends on a number of factors like the size, the shape and the materials used. But you can certainly get a rough estimate of new patios costs, using our handy cost calculator.

PLEASE NOTE: We do have a minimal order value for new pattern imprinted concrete driveways, with prices starting from £3,400.

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Concrete Price Calculator

Just measure the area of your garden you’d like a patio to cover (length and width), and we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a pattern imprinted concrete patio. 

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Estimating the cost of a patio 

Our calculator above gives you rough idea of the cost of a new patio, with a price per metre that includes all materials and installation of a standard concrete patio. 

It will give you a general indication of budgets and pricing, but to work out the cost more thoroughly, you’ll need to think about: 


The price of the patio type:

concrete, resin, decking and other types of patios each cost different amounts. Concrete is one of the most cost effective. 

The cost of equipment and materials:

all types of patios will need a range of equipment and additional materials like sand and cement to fit them correctly.

The cost of labour:

Unless you’re a skilled tradesperson, you’ll want to make sure any installation is carried out by a trained professional. And don’t forget any costs associated with removing old patios or preparing your garden. 

The price of finishing (and maintenance):

Depending on the type of patio you choose, you’ll need to weigh up the costs of putting a finishing seal or coating on. And there may be annual maintenance costs which you’ll need to take into account too. 

At Complete Driveway Designs, we’ll give you one fixed and final price for your new patio, including everything from the ground preparation and materials, to the finishing touches and a 10-year warranty. 

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Which Areas Do We Cover?


We design and install driveways & patios across Manchester, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. From our central location in Ramsbottom where you’ll find out head office and showroom, we cover all major towns from Leeds to Liverpool, Preston to Stockport.   

Comparing patio costs

When it comes to choosing a new patio, the price can vary based on several different factors. As well as the type of patio you decide to pick, you’ll pay different prices based on the style and design. 

If you choose a concrete patio for example, the cost of having two or three different colours (such as for borders) will differ compared to having just one colour. 

You may also want to pay extra to include decking and steps, or to have flower beds and other special features incorporated into your designs. 

Our cost calculator gives you a rough idea of price, but our expert design team can come and visit you to give you a comprehensive quote with the full costs detailed for your dream patio. 

And don’t forget to compare the price of a concrete patio with other types

Different patio types cost different amounts of money, and not just in the initial investment. Some patios will last a lot longer than others – and require very little maintenance – whilst others might need to be replaced in just a few years or require costly work doing to keep them clean and functional each year.

Concrete patios are strong and long-lasting. Installation costs are usually cheaper, and they require very little maintenance. To keep them at their best for decades, the only cost you need to factor in is the re-sealing of the concrete every 2 or 3 years. 

Ready to get an accurate price for your new patio?

Find out everything you need to know to get started

Ready to get an accurate price for your new patio?


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