If you’ve decided a new patio will be perfect for your home and you’ve had a think about different patio ideas, you’ll want to move onto the next steps – designing your patio. This is where you can customise your patio however you’d like.

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Firstly, you’ll want to get a rough estimate of the size your new patio will be, including any walkways or paths you’d like to have. Most new patios are priced in metres squared, so to get a fairly good estimate for the cost of a new patio, you should measure the space outside your home in metres.

You don’t have to be precise, because you might have curves to add a bit of interest to your patio, rather than just a straight square or rectangle. But a rough measurement in metres will help you start designing –  you can use graph paper to draw up your plans.

For more accurate plans and expert design, simply arrange for a free design and quote from us, and one of our surveyors will happily pay you a visit – with no obligations at all.


At this stage of the planning process, you’ll definitely be thinking about how you’d like your new patio to look. The colours you could have will depend on the type of material you choose, but resin or concrete patios typically have a huge range of colour options.

They can provide a unique tint to your new patio, and help you create the kind of atmosphere and purpose you’d like for this outdoor space. You might choose bold bright colours for the area where a children’s play set might go, but opt for stylish greys for the places where you’ll entertain guests.

Platinum silver perfectly complements modern homes, whilst tan, mahogany and colours like Steadman Buff are ideal for traditional or rustic homes. The choice is up to you. You can always have different colours for borders and patterns too!

Driveway Ideas For Colours


If you’re choosing pattern imprinted concrete for your new patio, then there’s one very important part of the designs to focus on – the patterns! The great thing about stamped concrete is that there are so many different patterns you can choose from.

It’s equally easy to print any of the patterns onto your patio. They’re all applied after the concrete has been poured. You’ll just want to think about which ones will work best with the space and the style of your home.


 Pacific Boardwalk recreates the feel of wooden decking, whilst Ashlar Slate gives your patio the look of lots of slate slabs pieced together (without the hassle!). Both are large prints, so whilst they look great on large areas, they wouldn’t work as well on pathways.

If you’ve got a country home or want something to blend with your garden, you might opt for Cheshire or Old English Cobble. The choice is yours!


Once you’ve chosen your colours and patterns, and you have a general idea of the shape you’d like for your new patio, you can then think about any extra features you’d like. Maybe you’d like some new grass (real or artificial), or some wooden decking too?

Perhaps you’d like to incorporate paths around your garden, and steps up or down to different areas?


Whatever you require, we can help finalise your designs and give you a comprehensive overview of what your new patio and outdoor area could look like. And we’ll give you a price on what it would cost for us to do all the hard work installing it.

All you need to do is arrange a free design and quote visit from us. We’ll take care of the rest for you.

Transform the area outside of your home and create an outdoor space you love. 

 If you’re ready to get started with your dream patio, we can help you with our free, expert designs. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)


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