There are many different types of material you could choose for your new patio, and lots of stunning patio ideas to consider.

Driveway Ideas

The most popular types of patios in the UK are:

  • Pattern imprinted concrete
  • Stone slabs or bricks
  • Slate
  • Wooden decking
  • Artificial grass
  • Gravel or shale
  • Resin


Which type of patio is right for you?

Stone slabs or bricks used to be a very popular type of driveway. They give you a great solid surface and you can choose from a range of sizes, but colours are often limited. They can crack or become loose and wobbly – and you’ll need to watch out for weeds in the cracks.

Slate patios are an unusual choice and they certainly look very elegant. They can be great for period houses. But they are expensive and not as strong or sturdy as other types of patio material. They can easily loosen.

Wooden decking is a great option for many homes, but it’s often combined with other patio types. It’s ideal for entertaining in summer, but in winter it can become wet, slippery and full of moss and algae. Good quality wood is expensive, and you’ll need to protect it to prevent rot.

Driveway Ideas

Artificial grass is an increasingly common option for many homeowners. It’s extremely low maintenance and easy to lay, but you’re often limited on size and style. Qualities can vary, and many pets (and humans) don’t like the feel of it.

Gravel or shale patios are good for decorative areas, but they’re not very practical. They’re often uneven, so holding a BBQ or deckchair is problematic. A good membrane and maintenance is required to prevent weeds growing, and be careful of gravel pieces straying onto the grass. 

Resin is a newer addition to the patio types line-up, and it’s growing in popularity because of the flexibility it offers. It’s great for any size or shape of garden, and there lots of different colour choices. They do need a good surface underneath though, and can crack if not prepared properly.

Pattern imprinted concrete patios – sometimes called stamped concrete or decorative concrete – are extremely popular because they can be poured or printed in so many different ways. Whatever patios ideas you have, concrete is a strong, solid choice.

It’s very long lasting, requires little maintenance and gives you loads of colour and design options. You can have any style you want – it can even be made to look like wooden decking!

Although printed concrete patios are a great choice, they’re not water permeable and can crack if not installed corrected. But a good installer will include expansion joints and drainage options.

driveway ideas

With the right kind of material you can start exploring patio ideas with any design, shape or size you want.

 If you’re ready to transform your garden, we can help make your ideas for a patio a reality. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)

The Top Patio Ideas for a practical, beautiful and cost effective outdoor area:

1. Experiment with a custom designed shape

Your patio doesn’t need to be a square or rectangle at the back of your house. Some of the best ideas for patios include circular shapes, curved borders and winding paths and areas that fill all the available space.

2. Choose a style that matches your home or garden

There are lots of different options for your patio, from simple classic styles, to rustic features, modern geometric patterns or sleek, shiny designs. What matches the tastes of you and your family?

3. Incorporate steps and paths

If your garden is on two levels, or if you just want to add a bit of contrast to the back of your home, steps are a great option. Paved paths help provide a dry, easy way to get from one area of the garden to another.

4. Consider unique areas for a BBQ or flower beds

You don’t just need to have one large flat area for your patio either. Some of the best patio ideas we’ve worked on include sunken areas for a dedicated BBQ or fire pit, or raised flower beds for floral features, trees and bushes.

5. Combine two different types of patios

Of course, you don’t have to stick with just one option. Why not combine two or three different patio ideas and patio types to create a wonderful and highly practical space around your house?

You may want a concrete patio leading to steps down to grass – real or artificial turf – with wooden decking at the other end of your garden. Or you could have a concrete area for BBQs, next to artificial grass for tables, sun loungers and children’s play areas.

I’m ready to book a free design visit, plan my own driveway and transform my home! (Or if youd just like to find out a bit more information, download our brochure)

Got ideas for your patio? What’s Next?

Now you’ve been through lots of different ideas, you’ll know that a beautiful patio is a practical, cost effective and stunning way to transform your garden. But what’s next?

  • Bring your ideas to life with a bespoke patio design for your home – we can help you with accurate measurements
  • Finalise the colours, patterns and style you’d love
  • Choose a trusted and professional company to install your new patio – we can give you an installation estimate
  • Relax and enjoy the new space you’ve created for years to come 

Whatever kind of patio you’d like, we can help you design and create your dream garden, a place for the whole family to enjoy. We can install a patio to make the most  of your outside space and enjoy more time outside – anywhere in Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire or Cheshire! 


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