Hopefully you will be getting ready for us to install a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway in the near future, or you are thinking about the pros and cons of the process.

In order to put your mind at ease, or to help you make your final decision, we have put together some tips on how to prepare for a pattern imprinted concrete installation.

When you order, we will let you know which week we will be installing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway. This is because we can never give a completely accurate date as we need dry weather to begin work. The actual date will be confirmed 24-48 hours in advance, when we can get a much more accurate weather report.

The first thing to do is to make sure we have full access to your driveway and any other areas we will be working on.

Make sure the drive is clear of vehicles, and that any gates we will need to get through are open when we arrive.

Also make sure we have access to water and electricity at all times during the installation.

You may also want to let your neighbours know what is happening, as the process can be noisy, and can create dust which may be blown around.

You will want to close your windows and maybe employ dust cloths at doors to prevent damage to carpets, finally you may want to cover or even remove any plants in areas we will be using to protect them from damage.

Due to our years of experience in installing pattern imprinted concrete, we are able to work through the process whilst making as little disruption to you and your surrounding areas as possible.

If you have any concerns regarding your future installation, please call us today on 01706 827 180.