Burnley Road – Loveclough, Rossendale





About this installation…

Our customer had already made a start on the driveway, and had a vision of what they wanted it to look like before they called us. Type 1 MOT had been delivered to site and spread out to make it easier to walk on. However it wasn’t quite as easy as it first seemed, which is why we were called to give a quote for pattern imprinted concrete.

With the driveway being on quite an incline, we ensured that soakaways were installed to the side of the driveway and Aco drainage to the bottom, to prevent any water from running off the drive and onto the council’s pavement. Next the stone walls were built along with the steps from the drive to the front of the house using Marshalls KL blocks. This gave the driveway a fantastic look before the concrete was even started.

The concrete was then poured using a concrete pump due to the incline of the driveway. It was printed in Old English Cobble with Classic Grey colour and Charcoal release, to complement the windows and doors on the house.

Project Details

Area: Loveclough, Rossendale
Type: Pattern Imprinted Concrete
Pattern: Old English Cobble
Colour: Classic Grey
Release: Charcoal
Date Installed: October 2017
Extras: Walls, Steps
Size: 118m²


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