Bury Old Road – Shuttleworth





About this installation…

The driveway was originally concrete that had been put on top of an incorrect sub base, which then allowed it to crack and for grass to grow through. This was fine for parking a car on but wasn’t nice to look at. With the driveway only being quite small and not having much privacy, our customer wanted to make the most of the space they had.

Firstly the existing concrete was removed, and the area was re-excavated in preparation for pattern imprinted concrete. The old fencing and gate were then taken down and replaced with brand new vertical lap fencing and matching gate. Finally the concrete was poured with the Country Cobble pattern, Classic Grey colour and Charcoal release.

As you can see from the before and after images there really isn’t much to say on how much pattern imprinted concrete really can transform an area no matter how big or small. This customer has added so much value to their house by installing this driveway and some fencing to the perimeter of the drive. The driveway gives off a classy look and really does improve the area by making it fit for purpose and more private.

Project Details

Area: Shuttleworth
Type: Pattern Imprinted Concrete
Pattern: Country Cobble
Colour: Classic Grey
Release: Charcoal
Date Installed: Summer 2017
Extras: Fencing, Gate
Size: 22m²


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