Hollins Avenue – Burnley





About this installation…

Our customer contacted us with the intention of making the most of the space they had. The area of this driveway was rather large, but was not being used how they wanted – the grass was not needed as they wanted something low maintenance and that they could park their cars on,  and the tarmac was starting to sink in places and was looking very old.

The installation started by excavating all of the grassed areas and tarmac, and putting in a sub-base in order to create a level driveway. With the area being quite large, once the grass had been removed the customer thought it would be nice to have a feature to break the area up slightly; they did this by having three planters installed in front of the window, and stained brick borders at the edges. Edgings have been installed to the front of the driveway in order to retain the concrete and give a crisp finish.

The driveway is coloured in Steadman Buff with a Chocolate release, and printed in the Ashlar Slate pattern. A side step to the front door has been built using Marshalls KL Blocks, and infilled with pattern imprinted concrete. Drainage has been installed around the property to ensure all water falls away properly, meaning that the driveway is fully compliant to building regulations and planning permissions.

Project Details

Area: Burnley
Type: Pattern Imprinted Concrete
Pattern: Ashlar Slate
Colour: Steadman Buff
Release: Chocolate
Date Installed: March 2018
Extras: Acid Stained Compass, Planters & Edgings
Size: 70m²


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