Pattern Imprinted Concrete – Rawtenstall





About this installation…

Our customer’s driveway had flags laid down right the way through to the side pathway. This meant that they had weeds growing through in unwanted places, and the driveway was starting to look a mess and take up time keeping it tidy. The flags were also becoming slippy with moss and completely uneven, and with our customer using a walking aid this was becoming very dangerous.

The customer chose pattern imprinted concrete as the product for their new driveway. They also wanted a border to separate the grass from the concrete, which was done with Marshalls KL blocks. The customer preferred not to have concrete edgings installed to the front of the driveway, so we installed more Marshalls blocks in order to fit in with the border. The concrete was poured and coloured in Arizona Tan with Chocolate release, it was then printed in Old English Cobble pattern. A small wall was built to retain next door’s driveway, to ensure it would hold in years to come. A step was built between the two pillars at the front of the house, to keep a classy look to the house. Again this was done with Marshalls KL blocks and infilled with concrete, to fit in with the driveway and side path.

The driveway was completed with the acrylic sealant, which had an anti-slip additive added to ensure a non-slip driveway. This is done on all of our installations, with the seal having either a gloss or matt finish depending on the customer’s preference.

Project Details

Area: Rawtenstall
Type: Pattern Imprinted Concrete
Pattern: Old English Cobble
Colour: Arizona Tan
Release: Mahogany
Date Installed: Summer 2017
Extras: Wall, KL Border
Size: 83m²


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