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About this installation…

This installation came off the back of previous installation we had completed on the same road; the customer was really pleased with the workmanship they saw during the installation and most of all the final outcome. Prior to our work starting, the customer had flags laid to the driveway and a small grassed area. This left the house looking completely dull and was becoming unsafe, as having cars driving over the flags was making them loose and cracked.

The customer decided they wanted to freshen up the area and add a bit of life back to the driveway, which is the reason they chose pattern imprinted concrete. We excavated the area and added the necessary drainage. We also added a curved shape to the grass instead of just the plain boxed shape that was there before. This feature added an extra bit of character to the installation and also made the driveway slightly bigger, making it easier for cars to fit on.

The driveway was printed in Ashlar Slate pattern and coloured in Dove Grey with Charcoal release. This really gives some life back to the look of the house. They grey isn’t too dark so takes away the dull effect it used to have. Following this installation we received a fantastic review shown below, which led to yet another local recommendation!

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What the customer said…

“The work was carried out quickly and professionally. We are pleased and have had many complementary comments from neighbours and friends.”

Mr Crabtree

Newton Drive, Greenmount


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