We are always looking for more environmentally friendly ways to work, and a recent dissertation by Johanna Tikkanen of the Aalto University School of Engineering near Helsinki in Finland, could lead to big developments in the future.

The idea of the paper was to study how different mineral powders could be used as replacements for the cement, the creation of which is one of the main contributors to the amount of CO2 emitted during the manufacturing process.

Replacing or simply reducing the amount of cement in the concrete will lower the amount of CO2 used significantly, and will also reduce the cost of manufacturing. Mineral powders can also be used to reduce the water requirements of concrete, further adding to the economic and environmental benefits.

Obviously, the properties of the cement will have to remain roughly the same, so that the concrete can be used in the same processes as before, but if it can be perfected, then concrete production will be greener than ever before.

The responsibility of reducing CO2 emissions is shared between us all, but for those who work in the construction industry, there needs to be a greater effort to work towards greener working practices.

A recent study for the charity WRAP, concluded that Construction, is the most unsustainable industry in the world, in fact the study shown that around half of all non-renewable resources are actually consumed by the Construction industry. To put that into context, that means that the industry consumes 50% of water, 60% of timber, contributes 25% to the destruction of the rainforests and consumes a staggering 80% of agricultural land loss. Could this be down to shear laziness? Studies have shown that 13% of all materials delivered to construction sites are never used, and sent to landfills.

Each year 109 million tons of waste is produced by our industry. With this being said, here at CD Designs, we believe it is vital to do our bit in order to protect the environment, this can be done by re-using on site, being efficient when ordering materials, having a sophisticated waste management systems, and keeping up to date with work carried out similar to that of Johanna Tikkanen.
Why not ask yourself how you and your company can become more environmentally friendly? You just might find that it increases your productivity.

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