Many of our customers often ask whether they will need planning permission for work carried out on their home.

Here is a quick guide to whether you will need planning permission when improving your home.

For front gardens, planning permission is not generally needed if your driveway is less than five square meters, or if you are using a permeable material like gavel, blocks paving or porous asphalt. For our pattern imprinted concrete installations, which are non-permeable, we will design a drainage system specifically for your needs, so that any rainwater is allowed to drain properly.

For any patios or side of house parking areas and paths, no planning permission is required as long as there is no significant embanking or terracing built to support a hard surface. When it comes to decking, planning permission is again not required provided it is not raised more than 30cm, and the decking and other external structures don’t cover more than 50% of the total garden area.

Any walls, fences or gates will not normally need planning permission unless they are over 2 meters high, or over 1 meter tall and next to a highway used for vehicles.

Alternatively permission may be needed if you are changing the boundary of a neighboring listed building. If you live in a listed building yourself, planning permission is usually needed for any indoor or outdoor work on the property.

If planning permission is necessary, we will provide all the assistance needed to get it. If you would like some no-obligation advice, please call us on 01706 827 180.

It is always best to consult knowledgeable sources like ourselves before carrying out any work where there is uncertainty as to whether or not planning permission is required. Here at Complete Driveway Designs, we’re happy to offer our professional advice, even if we aren’t carry out any work.

For more in-depth information, head over to the gov website to view their guide.