What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

Strong and solid. Two key features we associate with concrete. That’s why it’s an ideal material to use for new driveways or patios – something that will stand the test of time and be ever-reliable. Pattern imprinted concrete is an aesthetically please material that we install all over the North West of England. It is the process where concrete is coloured to a clients specification, then printed using specialist rubber mats, at Complete Driveway Designs, we have vast range of patterns!


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Origins & History

Concrete has been used in almost every industry you can think of, for thousands of years. It isn’t just a modern material. In fact, archaeologists have found evidence of concrete-like substances being used for buildings as far back as 1300 BC! Of course, the 20 th century saw the mass production and modernisation of concrete, and we couldn’t live without it now. Printing concrete with unique designs and colours first started in the USA, and its popularity quickly developed and spread around the globe. It’s easy to see why!

Today’s Uses

Because it’s so versatile, with an almost limitless range of colours and designs, pattern imprinted concrete is extremely popular right across the UK. You’ll see it on patios, driveways and any time you’ve been through a drive thru lane! At Complete Driveway Designs, we absolutely love it because: There’s so much choice and variety. It’s really low maintenance and It’s a beautiful way to transform any kind of outdoor space

Whats are the downsides?

We’ve been working with pattern imprinted concrete for almost 15 years now, so we know exactly how to work the material and how to watch out for any rare, potential issues. There really aren’t many downsides to installing pattern imprinted concrete, but sometimes our customers are worried about cracking. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the concrete could crack and ruin the pattern on it. Thankfully, we know exactly how to avoid this, so there is no need to worry. Our trained installers are skilled in expertly placing expansion joints, which are used to prevent and control cracking. We then fill these with specialist silicone too, to prevent any dirt gathering in the joints.

Choosing your pattern and Colour

If you’ve decided you’re interested in a pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio, the most exciting part of the process is choosing your pattern and colours! We’ll do our very best to help you decide, because with so many options, it can be easy to spend hours and hours looking at designs. We’ll help you narrow down your preference and give you unique options and ideas, as well as showing you some of the other projects we’ve worked on.

Here are some ideas for now, but why not visit our show room to view the full range?

Customisation options

Ultimately, the choice is up to you – and it’s whatever you’d like. We always try and go above and beyond to help our clients get the perfect designs. So if you’ve got something special in mind or would like a completely unique option for your drive or patio – just ask us! Our website has some examples of the special features we’ve created in the past for our clients, and we’d love to get creative and see how we can help you! All you have to do is speak to one of our expert design team, and we’ll get the ball rolling.


Choosing a Contractor

Once you’ve decided upon a beautiful design for your new pattern imprinted concrete, you need to make sure you find the right contractor to install it. It’s a big commitment, and you want to make sure you get it absolutely spot on – the first time. As with any trade, there are some dodgy dealers and unqualified companies out there. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you find a high quality contractor.
1) Check out all their certificates.
One sure way to check the legitimacy of a company is to look at the official documents and memberships they have. So make a point to ask about: The accreditations they have, the professional bodies they’re part of and the health and safety standards they follow
2) Ask them about their installation procedures.
Once you’re happy that a company is official, you’ll need to check they know what they’re doing. Asking for installation details will help you determine if they are really experts, or pretenders who don’t have much of a clue! Our top questions to ask: Will you be sealing your joints? How will you achieve colour consistency across the whole surface? Will you be using colour surface hardener (CSH)? When do you plan on sealing the joints?
3) Don’t forget the wider process.
A good contractor won’t just talk about the work then and there. They will make sure you know about any minor maintenance or upkeep that is required, and of course, offer you some guarantees on their work. Don’t forget to ask about warranties, and whether they are standard. Check the kind of aftercare they offer too. And finally, be sure they’ll clean the area and tidy up after themselves once they’re finished. You shouldn’t be left with any mess.

Trusting your contractor

We know that deciding on pattern imprinted concrete is a big choice, and you don’t want to regret it. With the previous tips, you should be able to narrow down any lists of contractors
and make sure you pick the right one. Ultimately, you should just know that you can trust them. Trust is one of the things we pride ourselves on here at Complete Driveway Designs. We never use subcontractors, to make sure we ALWAYS deliver the highest standard of driveway and patio installations, Our vans and equipment are ALL owned by us, so we have full confidence in our work. ALL our employees are trained in the very latest methods and techniques, and take pride in what they do Our installers all have up to date health and safety qualifications too, such as CSCS. And as it’s one of our first queries to ask potential contractors, we’re a member of several professional membership bodies such as The Best Of Bury and The Guild of Craftsman, and you can see our full list of accreditations above!

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The vital role of sealing…

Many people wrongly assume that once the concrete has been printed onto their driveway, that’s it, job done! But there’s one vital stage of the process that’s often overlooked – Sealing. What does it do? Essentially, sealing is a protective cover. It stops any weathering of your concrete, acting as a repellent and preventing dirt, water or anything else affecting your drive or patio. It has to be done carefully and precisely to make sure there’s full, entire protection. We make sure it’s carried out by our experts to the highest possible standard.
Resealing and protecting existing driveways
Unfortunately, unlike us, many other companies don’t seal driveways as part of the installation process. We’re often contacted by new customers who ask us what they need to do about their driveways, as the company they used has disappeared and stopped trading. If this is you, there’s no need to panic. Our dedicated aftercare team can help you – regardless of whether we installed your driveway or patio. We come out and reseal pattern imprinted concrete for you, and ensure your existing driveway or patio will not deteriorate. We’ve been successfully trading as Complete Driveway Designs for almost 15 years, and we’ve got no plans of packing it in any time soon, because we love what we do and love helping our customers – old and new!

Maintaining and Caring for your Pattern Imprinted Concrete

One of the biggest factors you’ll consider when deciding on your driveway or patio is the long term maintenance and aftercare required. You want to make sure that your investment is cost effective in the long term. Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a superb low maintenance option, but as with anything, it does need a little care and attention from time to time. And we want to make sure you know exactly what you need to do – even though it isn’t much! We don’t stop making sure you’re happy with your new driveway or patio once we’ve installed it, so here are our top Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Do wash any stains or dirt off the surface as soon as you can. Just use soapy water for general cleaning, and de-greasers for oil stains.
  • Do reseal your driveway when it’s required. Although pattern imprinted concrete will last a long time, we do recommend you get it professionally resealed every 3-5 years to maintain full protection.


  • Don’t put salt down on your driveway. It can eat away at the seal and eventually at the concrete.
  • Don’t use weed-killers or pesticides. With a professional sealing, you shouldn’t get anything growing on it.
  • Don’t drag any garden furniture or heavy objects over your concrete. Although the actual concrete is protected from scratches, it can damage the seal on top, so it’s best to take care.

Get all the help and advice you need from us

Our website has lots of regular tips and advice on taking care of your driveway or patio, with specific instructions if you ever need them.

And don’t forget, we’re here to help with any questions or queries you have – big or small! You don’t have to be one of our customers either! If you want to know something about pattern imprinted concrete, our in-house experts at Complete Driveway Designs are always happy to help!

Just give us a call on 01706 827 180 or head over to our contact page and send us a message, we’d love to hear from you.




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