Take a look at the different types of surfaces you could have for your new driveway, and the top driveway ideas to transform your home. 

Driveway Ideas

The most popular types of driveways in the UK are:


Resin-bound driveways or the closely related resin-bonded driveways are an increasingly popular choice, as they offer a range of colour choices and flexibility. Resin-bound driveways are water permeable. But they can easily crack if not prepared correctly, and the top surface can move or lift up. It’s hard to repair if a problem does develop.

Indian stone driveways are an increasingly common sight too, as they provide a great natural sandstone aesthetic, with a choice of patterns and colours. However, sizing and colours are limited, and their strength isn’t great. And as with block paving, individual flags can wobble, become loose or sprout weeds in between then.

Block paving driveways such as flags and slabs, or small concrete blocks, are a popular choice for many homeowners, but certain patterns require precise laying which increases installation costs so perhaps not the best idea for your driveway if you’re on a budget. Many flagged driveways are quite bland, as attractive options cost more money. They can also attract moss and algae easily, requiring more regular cleaning.

Driveway Ideas

Stone and gravel driveways are a good choice if you want to deter burglars, because they are loud when parking your car or walking over them. They’re one of the affordable driveway options available, but you may need to ‘top-up’ your driveway often. And because they can be laid directly onto the ground, your drive will need regular maintenance, garden membrane and strong weed killer to prevent weeds and grasses from growing.

Tarmac driveways (or asphalt) are a cheaper option and might be an idea for a small front garden driveway if you’re on a budget. It can look smooth and pristine when applied correctly, matching the road outside your home. But colour choices are very limited, and whilst it should be long lasting, many deteriorate quickly because chemicals and oils (from cars and bikes) react with and dissolve the tarmac.

Cobblestone or brick driveways are not as common as they used to be, but they can really enhance the period feel of a house. However they are expensive because they are unusual, and require specialist installation. These types of driveways can also become very slippery when wet as well, so perhaps not the best idea if you’re driveway is sloped.

Pattern imprinted concrete driveways (also known as decorative or stamped concrete) gives you a long-lasting, extremely strong surface that can hold heavy weights and requires very little maintenance.

One of the best things about pattern imprinted concrete is that it offers so many different ideas for your new driveway, with the biggest range of patterns, colours, designs and styles to choose from. 

As with any type of driveway, concrete does have some downsides – it could crack and isn’t water permeable – but a good driveway company will take care of that. For example, we include all the necessary expansions joints and drainage requirements in our installation.

driveway ideas

Whatever type of surface you choose for your new driveway, make sure you plan the style and layout using our suggested ideas and inspiration below – to help you maximise space, impact and effectiveness.

 If you’re ready to transform your home, we can help you start designing your perfect driveway now. (Or you can learn more about us and our processes in our brochure)

Transform the look and feel of your home, and increase its value,
with the Top Driveway Ideas and Designs:

1. Create a curved, sweeping driveway shape

Add a curved shape for extra style and practicality when entering the drive.
Long sweeping driveways make a dramatic statement when entering the property.
Wavy edges and meandering paths can be easily installed with pattern imprinted concrete.
Or choose a straight, square or rectangular driveway to maximise all available space.

2. Add a stunning border or a contrasting edge

Use a different pattern or print to stamp out a contrasting border on your driveway.
Block edges define a boundary. Stain the border a different colour so it really stands out.
Alternate colours & patterns can be used as borders to mark out parking sections on your drive.
Try a different coloured edge for your patio to really frame the style and design.

3. Choose the colours and patterns to complement your home 

Use a different pattern or print to stamp out a contrasting border on your driveway.
Block edges define a boundary. Stain the border a different colour so it really stands out.
Alternate colours & patterns can be used as borders to mark out parking sections on your drive.
Try a different coloured edge for your patio to really frame the style and design.

4. Install steps and pathways for practicality and as a central feature

5. Raise flowerbeds around your driveway to bring extra colour and greenery

Use a different pattern or print to stamp out a contrasting border on your driveway.
Steps can be added up to your front door, down to your garden or anywhere you’d liked a raised feature or a focal point on your new drive or patio. 
Many people think a new concrete driveway will mean no garden. But you can have the best of both worlds with this idea for a raised planters. 
Keep garden maintenance to a minimum but still keep colour and topiary on your drive with dedicated sections for shrubs, plants and flowers. 

6. Include standout features and geometric patterns

7. Incorporate security features to protect your drive 

Here’s one great idea to add an extra special look to your driveway: a special compass print, enhanced with two different colours of printed concrete.
You could also make your patio or drive stand out with a stunning geometric pattern like this. Circles look great on driveways.
Safe, secure parking is more and more important for homeowners, so consider including barrier to stop unwanted cars using your drive. 
Decide if you’d like to include gates on your new driveway to. It’s a good idea if you live near a main road and want to keep your driveway protected. 

8. Add outdoor lighting to brighten your drive at night

9. Build dedicated bin storage into a new driveway 

Floor-level lighting is an excellent idea for your driveway if you want to feel safer and more secure during the dark nights. 
Lights can be installed along the length of the drive to help you see where to park at night, illuminate the car for unloading and guide you to the front door 
Want to hide those ugly bins? This storage area is great idea to incorporate into your new drive.
Why not section off an area to keep bins contained and away from any parking areas?

I’m ready to book a free design visit, plan my own driveway and transform my home! (Or if youd just like to find out a bit more information, download our brochure)

We’ve given you lots of ideas to think about for your new driveway, and plenty of pros and cons to consider for each type of surface. The great thing about choosing a new driveway is that you get to decide exactly what you’d like! Any idea or design you have in mind can be made into a reality. 


  • How will you use your new drive? Focus on practicalities.
  • How much space do you have available? Will you use it all?
  • Is maintenance going to be easy, or will it be a problem?
  • Should your drive match the style & period of your home?
  • What budget do you have for your new driveway?


  1. Decide where you’d like your new driveway to go
  2. Look at colours and patterns, and choose your favourite
  3. Add any extra features, like steps, paths, fences and gates 
  4. Get in touch with a driveway company like us, for accurate measurements, a free design and an installation estimate
  5. Let us do all the hard work 

Pattern imprinted concrete is a great idea for your new driveway. It’s a high quality, cost effective option, and should definitely be considered when you’re looking at different types of drives. It’s a material that offers so much flexibility, you can choose between dozens of patterns and colours, designs your own shapes and styles, and add lots of additional features.

With the right design and installation, a new driveway will be a beautiful new addition to your home, transforming its look and feel – and adding value!

Whether you live in Manchester, Liverpool or anywhere in Yorkshire, we install pattern imprinted concrete in all locations across the North West


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